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テキサス州 自動車運転免許 筆記模擬試験#5 – UNITED EAGLES (ユナイテッドイーグルス)
自動車運転免許 筆記試験

テキサス州 自動車運転免許 筆記模擬試験#5

Texas Driver's Permit Written Practice Exam #5


(From the 2020 Texas driver handbook)
Number of tests: 24
Number of questions: 30
Passing score: 21
Directions: As part of the Less Tears More Years Act, all applicants who are under 25 years of age is required to take a driver education course to apply for a driver license. Upon successful completion of the course, the person is required to take the knowledge test, also known as the written test.

You need a grade of 70 percent or better to pass the knowledge test.



#1. The most effective thing you can do to reduce your risk of being injured or killed in a traffic crash is to:

#2. This sign means:

#3. While backing, you should:

#4. When should you return to your previous lane while completing a pass?

#5. When approaching a railroad crossing, you should:

#6. How may drivers fight oncoming “Highway hypnosis?”

#7. Before changing lanes on a multilane highway, you should:

#8. A regulatory sign containing a red circle with a slash through the middle indicates:

#9. This road sign means:

#10. A flashing red traffic signal at an intersection has the same requirements as:

#11. When entering a highway from an entrance ramp, you should generally:

#12. You are coming to a railroad crossing where the crossing signals are flashing. You should:

#13. When approaching a railroad crossing warning sign:

#14. When is it legal to have an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle passenger area?

#15. Increase your following distance when:

#16. If you leave your vehicle unattended, you must:

#17. You must yield for emergency vehicles:

#18. A slow-moving vehicle emblem is:

#19. Traffic signals sometimes display arrows to control turns from specific lanes. A solid red arrow:

#20. Distracted driving is:

#21. Texting while driving is allowed:

#22. This sign means:

#23. Stop lines are solid white lines painted across traffic lanes:

#24. When passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road, drivers should:

#25. Move to the lane closest to the stationary vehicle.

#26. When driving past a vehicle that has just stopped in a parked position on the side of the road, you should:

#27. When is it acceptable to park in a striped area next to a disabled parking spot?

#28. What does a single dashed white line separating traffic mean?

#29. When encountering a warning sign, drivers should:

#30. Alcohol-related crashes represent ____ of the total number of persons killed in automotive crashes.


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